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Tam Visits Hong Kong- Dec 2011

On Dec. 14, 2011 my cousin and one of my bestest friends in the world, Tam, arrived in Hong Kong! It was a spur of the moment decision. She wanted a fun get away and I convinced her to come! I don't remember exactly how many days she stayed for but I think it was between 8-10?? Anyways, we tore Hong Kong apart! It was seriously one of the funnest weeks of my life. The day she arrived we decided to take her to get Indian food at our favorite place at Chung King Mansions. But first we went on the Star Ferry. Both of these things were bad ideas... Tam gets really bad motion sickness. She had taken medicine for it but it hadn't kicked in by the time we got on the boat. After we went across the ferry she started to feel bad. Then we took her into Chung King where it has a very heavy smell of Pakistan and Indian men and food. Then she started to feel really sick. These conditions plus the fact that she was exhausted from her flight were not a good combination. So we hurried and picked up some samosas from the Butts curry place and headed home so she could rest. Here we are on the Star Ferry: (Click on the picture collages to see the images larger)

The next day I had to work all day. So Tam had to hang out with David for a while. I think he took her to Sai Kung that morning. Then he came and dropped her off at my work. I had asked if it would be ok if she came to my afternoon class. Since my class only had a few students my boss said it would be ok. So she came and visited my class. I think she enjoyed it. The next day was Friday. I had to work in the morning. So Tam slept in and relaxed until I got off work. Then I came home and we headed off exploring. First we went to Chi Lin Nunnery and then to the Wong Tai Sin temple. Of course we had to take tons of pictures!

Chi Lin Nunnery:

Wong Tai Sin Temple:

That night Tam went with me to my work Christmas party. I love being with Tam! She brings me out of my shell a bit. I am goofy and more outgoing when she is around. We were goofy at the party... Doing some dancing, wearing fake air sleeve tattoos, and laughing a lot.

The rest of the week flew by. We did so much stuff and saw so many things. Since we took hundreds of photos I made collages in order to fit in a lot of pictures. Since we did a ton that week I get a little mixed up on which days we did each thing.

I think Saturday was the day we went to Monkey mountain and 10,000 Buddha's monastery with David. Saturday was the one day David could run around with us all day so we asked him to choose which things he wanted and these are what he chose. First we got on the bus and headed out to Monkey Mountain. (I don't think that is its official name but everyone called it that.) We saw quite a few monkeys that day in two different areas of the mountain. We got some fun pictures and even better videos.

Next we headed off to one of my favorite destinations in HK, 10,000 Buddhas. There are so many Buddhas with silly faces. So we had fun imitating them and taking pictures. What a fun day:

We went to Clear Water Bay beach on Sunday after church. David and I took a nap on the beach. Tam read a book. We saw some old guy swimming... he was very fit for an old guy.

Here is what went down the rest of the week:

Eating yummy breads at bakeries for breakfast and snacks:

Cable car ride up to the Big Buddha:

Visiting Tai O village and going on a boat ride to try and see the pink dolphins:

Exploring the streets of Hong Kong and Shopping at the Markets:

Going to Stanley Market and Stanley Beach:

Crazy Fun Bus Rides:

Walking Along the Harbor, Visiting Avenue of the Stars, and Taking Pics with Fat Dancers:

Eating Lots of Yummy Food:

Riding the Peak Tram and Seeing the Amazing View at the Peak

Hilarious and Fun Night of KARAOKE!!!!!

Oh man we were pretty tired by the end of her trip but it was well worth it. We had so much fun and made so many memories. I am so glad we took so many pictures to capture all of the fun times. I

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