Friday, February 8, 2013

Birthday Sept. 2011

I got back to Hong Kong from my US trip for my Grandma's funeral on Sept. 4th. The day before my birthday! So I was pretty exhausted on my birthday. Jet lag and tired from all the emotion from the previous week. So on my birthday I wanted to do something relaxing. So after I got off of work around 1, we went to a late lunch and a movie. Then when we got home I went to bed early, around 7 pm. I did get an awesome present from David though.... This!!!!:
A Hong Kong Disneyland Season Pass!!! WAHOO!!! I had been wanting one of these for a while and I finally got one! Yippee!! Since I worked less hours at my new job I had lots more time to go to DL! I was so excited... So to celebrate David and I went to Disneyland with some friends and their kids on the 14th of Sept. I loved going to DL with kids. Fun!!

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