Saturday, February 9, 2013

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011 was awesome! We went to two different Halloween parties. One was with a bunch of our friends at Hayley and Derrald Stice's house, the other was our Branch party at the church. First came the party at the Stice's on Friday Oct. 28th. All of those who came were:

Matt and Michelle Wright

Betsey, Richard, Nora, and Calvin Hawkins

Scott, Brooke, Drew, Taylor, and Olsen Gordon

Hayley and Derrald Stice

And us!

So the night started out with watermelon carving. Pumpkins in HK are quite expensive. So instead of carving pumpkins, we carved watermelons and ate the insides as part of our dinner. We got the idea from Derrald. His family lived in HK when he was younger and they used to do that on Halloween.

Next we had a yummy dinner full of sausages. It was technically a sausage party so we ate a variety of sausages. We also had some other side dishes and desserts. I remember Brooke brought some very yummy carmel apple dip and apples. We had such a fun night. It was our first time meeting the Gordons. We became good friends with their family and ended up hanging out with them a lot.

So next came our branch party the following night. Of course it was a costume party so we had to dress up!! David and I wanted to dress up as something the kids would love. We thought it would be fun to be an angry bird and one of the piggies. Since Angry Birds was extremely popular we thought they would enjoy that. So I made some costume pieces out of felt and this is how our costumes turned out:

The costumes were a hit! Of course everyone knew what we were right off the bat. Well the night started out with dinner. We filled up on food and then it was off to the games. In different rooms of the church were different carnival type games. David and I were in charge of the nerf gun shooting range. At first we set up the vest targets on chairs for the kids to shoot at. Then David got the great idea to put on the vest and have the kids shoot at him instead. So the kids started shouting stuff like... "Shoot the piggie!" Of course David got really into it and of course the kids loved it!! From then on David was known as piggie. Mainly it was Drew and Taylor who called him that. The night ended with trick or treating. Kind of like a trunk or treat but the kids just went to different rooms and knocked on the doors. David and I helped pass out candy as well. What a fun night!

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