Friday, February 8, 2013

BBQ With Friends

Whenever we hung out with our friends in HK we usually went to their houses or out somewhere. We figured we needed to invite our friends over to our place. Plus we had an awesome deck with lots of space so we decided to have a BBQ. We invited the Rockin' Hawkins and the Stices. I think we may have invited other friends too? I don't remember. But they came over and we had some yummy food. We also brought out some toys for the kids to play with... You will see in the pictures below what our living room looked like after the kids got done with the toys. Haha David showed Nora and Calvin his remote control helicopter. We also had some chocolate cake for desert. Calvin and Nora were a little crazy with the cake and got it all over the place... All over the floor, couch, other furniture. It was so funny! It was a fun get together!

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