Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Summer Vacation 2011

After I finished my contract at Greenville Kindergarten in July 2011 I had a few of weeks before I had to start my new teaching job at Garden House. So David and I bought plane tickets and planned a trip to visit family in Utah. We spent the first week or so hanging out with my family.
Then we spent a week in Bear Lake for the McGrew family reunion. David's parents rented a large house up at Bear Lake that had plenty of space for the whole McGrew Crew. Each of David's siblings and their families were there except for Scott and Anna. They couldn't come because their son Jason was battling cancer. The house we stayed in was amazing. It had three floors. One floor had a theatre room filled with comfy seating. Another floor had a ping-pong table. The bottom floor had an indoor basketball hoop, trampoline, and playground set. The house also had slides that went from each floor of the house. Amazing!!! We had so much fun that week. We played games, watched movies, did crafts, had a secret santa gift exchange, and ate lots of yummy food! It was a great week!
The next part of the trip was spent at my family's house. My cousin Christopher and his wife planned a family concert for my grandpa to perform at. They had been wanting to do one for a long time and fortunately they planned it for when we would be there. Unfortunately the night of the performance, I was stuck sick in bed with a really bad sore throat. Seriously I got sick on vacation! So lame! But the concert went well and David was able to get part of it on video:

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