Wednesday, February 6, 2013

School Graduation

The school year at Greenville where I worked ended in the middle of July. Craziness!! They also held a graduation for the K3 students (5-6 year olds) that were finishing kindergarten and getting ready to go to primary school the next year. The graduation was ridiculous! I think it was a bigger deal than my high school graduation. It was a combined graduation for like 4 or 5 schools. A couple of Greenville schools and Greenfield schools. (Owned by the same people.) They had speakers and then the kids had to put on a presentation singing songs and performing skits. Needles to say, it was ridiculous. It was the longest day ever. I think the graduation was on a weekday. So we had to teach in the morning and then we had to take off to the place where the event was held. We had to wait around for the event to start and had to help the kids get ready. After the event started we had to watch our kids and wait for their turn to go on. Since there were so many schools participating it took a long time to get to our kids turn. Finally it was their turn and we finished up the night. Fortunately that was the last time I would have to endure a graduation like that because I signed a contract with another school starting Aug. 8, 2011.

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