Monday, January 28, 2013

Mid-Autumn Festival School Festivities

In September (2010) Hong Kong held its annual Mid-Autumn Festival. My school, Greenville, held an event to celebrate the festival. There were games, singing, and treats. Since it was still the beginning of the school year, I was still getting to know my students. It was fun to see them and their parents. I was reluctant to post pictures of my students on my blog but since its been a while since they were my students and there have been pictures of them posted on my Facebook I figured it would be ok. Aren't they so cute?! They look so young in these pictures.
After the school activity, all the teachers and staff went out for Dim Sum at a restaurant in the downstairs of the mall where the school is. Here are some pictures of me and some of my fellow English teachers:
Kate and I
Sue, Christy, and Christina

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