Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lion Dance Wake Up Call and Karaoke Night

I think it was the morning after we saw the fireworks (Feb 2011) that we woke up to the sound of drums. We went outside and some people doing a lion dance and playing the drums. They walked all around our village. It was so awesome! They even came right up to our house. I decided to do a little dance of my own and David just happened to get it on video. hehe Check it out: Sometime after the Chinese New Year Parade (I think it was then because the pictures are after the parade pictures on David's Ipod) we had a Karaoke night with some friends from church. Those in the party were Michelle and Matt Wright, Laura Sirtonski, a few of Laura's friends, and us. It was fun to just be crazy and be ourselves. I especially loved when David and Matt sang Chinese songs... even if they didn't know the lyrics. We got some of the fabulous night on video! Warning: I cannot guarantee we will sound that good but hey karaoke is meant to sound this way!! HAHAHA

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