Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jeff and Suz Visit HK April 2011

When we moved to Hong Kong I hoped that my family would be able to come visit us. I knew it was expensive to fly that far but I still hoped. I was so excited when my sister Suzi and my brother in law Jeff said they would be coming to visit!!! We did lots of research and planning for their trip. We wanted to be able to show them as much of Hong Kong as we could. So they came for a little over a week and we had a blast. Even though we had been in Hong Kong for almost a year, we hadn't explored much of the city. So their first time experiencing everything was our first time too. We also took a trip up to main land China to a city called Shenzen. There we did a lot of shopping. I ended up buying like 8 pair of colorful glasses for a super sweet deal. We also met up with David's friend from when he lived in mainland named Linda. She took us out to eat to get some very yummy Chinese food. It was delicious. We ran around like crazy during their trip. We would leave in the morning and would not get home til late at night. Needless to say, we were exhausted by the time they left. It was well worth it though! We had a BLAST. Here are some highlights: Click on the collage for a larger view of the images.

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