Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hong Kong Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 was such a fun holiday! It was my first Christmas away from the Foster family. I was excited to have our own little Christmas but also missing family a little. One of the best parts of our Christmas celebration was our first trip to HK Disneyland! We had a fun morning riding rides, exploring the park, and eating some yummy mickey shaped waffles. Unfortunately I got a massive headache and we had to leave early. At least we got some fun pics of the awesome decorations and us riding some rides:
Here are some pictures from our Christmas Eve/Christmas day celebrations. We bought a small tree and some cheap-o decorations. Gotta love our ghetto tree. So fun! One tradition David and I have is to get a coloring book for each other to put in our stockings. Oddly enough, coloring books are hard to come by in HK so we ended up buying each other the same exact Toy Story coloring book! Also, we had a fun time video chatting with family back in UT (Christmas morning for us Eve for them.) In the pictures below you will see David enjoying one of his gifts, a remote control helicopter.

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