Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sunbeam Calling at Church and A Visit To Nica's

In Nov. 2011 after being in Hong Kong for almost 6 months, we finally got a calling at church. David and I both were called to teach the Sunbeams in Primary. I was excited to be able to team teach with David. I also love kids so it was an awesome calling. We had some awesome kids! We had three different groups throughout the time we were in the primary. I loved each group! Such cute kids! Plus we became good friends with some of the kids families. Awesome! Here are some pics of the cuties:
When David was on his mission in HK he taught an awesome Philippine sister named Nica. When we got to Hong Kong, she was one of the first people I met and of course we became friends. During one holiday (I don't remember the exact date) she invited us to come visit her in Yuen Long. Her employers were going to be out of town and the house, which was very large for a HK house, would be empty. (Except the other helper.) So we made the trek out there. The house was quite nice. Nica made us some yummy food and we had a good time. I especially loved seeing the very large tank filled with small turtles. Nica had to clean those tanks often and it was quite the job. I don't know exactly how many turtles there were but there were a LOT.

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