Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting Settled...

So we found our place and started getting settled. It was really hard to adjust and took a while to get over the jet-lag. I also had major culture shock.. which lasted quite a while! I didn't have much time to see Hong Kong and relax at all because I started my job only a few days after getting here... Got here the 27th of May and started work June 1st. I was really nervous to start my new job because although I had been through student teaching and other practicums at school I had never had my own class and didn't know what to expect... Plus I had never taught a bunch of ESL kids!! Fortunately my new school, Greenville Kids World Kindergarten, had me observing and helping out other teachers during June and July to get used to how they run things at their school. So those two months were pretty easy going, thank goodness!!

I quickly made friends with some of my new fellow teachers. Here is a picture with my new friend, Sandy. I spent most of my time in June/July helping her in her class. We had a lot of fun and became friends quickly. She is such a sweet girl... one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life!! She helped me out so much and made it a lot easier to adjust to being in a new place and new job. Behind us is the room they gave me for my class... it is decorated a lot differently now.

Unfortunately (well I guess not for her) Sandy moved back to the states after the school year was over. Wish she had stayed and worked at the school for another year but I am very glad I was able to meet her! Here are some pics from her farewell party... Here are some other fellow teachers I work with...

People in the picture from left to right (on my side of the table).. Ronnie, Me, Kaylee, Christy, Sandy, Sue, Christina on the opposite side next to the guy who I don't know (Sandy's friend)

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